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100% Natural Hair Colors
Matha Exports International has developed 100% Natural colors without using any chemicals. The following colors we have developed, which are very good effective on hairs.
v Natural Henna v Natural Light Brown
v Indigo Powder v Natural Golden Henna Power
v Herbal Henna v Natural Orange Henna Powder
v Natural Black v Natural Wine Red Henna Powder
v Natural Brown v Natural Yellow Henna Powder
v Natural Dark Brown v Natural Mahogany Henna Powder
Hair Color Chart
Natural Henna Indigo Henna Herbal Henna Black Henna
Brown Henna Dark Brown Henna Light Brown Henna Golden Henna
Orange Henna Wine Red Henna Lemon Yellow Henna Mohangy Henna

Henna Based Hair Colors

We bring natures beauty close to you. Our premium products are in great demand by different segments of customers. Henna hair color involves henna powder to be made moisture-free before it is grinded with less quantity of harmless chemicals. We offer various colors of Henna hair products as follows.

v Black Henna Powder v Burgundy Henna Powder  
v Brown Henna Powder v Chestnut Red Henna Powder
v Dark Brown Henna Powder v Lemon Yellow Henna Powder
v Light Brown Henna Powder v Wine Red Henna Powder
v Special Brown Henna Powder v Sunset Red Henna Powder
v Golden Brown Henna Powder v Mahogany Henna Powder
v Purple Henna Powder v Royal Blue Henna Powder
v Blonde Henna Powder v Auburn Henna Powder
Henna Hair Color Chart
Black Brown Dark Brown Light Brown
Special Brown Golden Brown Purple Blonde
Burgundy Chestnut Red Lemon Yellow Wine Red
Sunset Red Mahogany Royal Blue Auburn
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